Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lovely Lavender

Billie and I designed this small brag book for a group of ladies that get together every year and have a mini reunion of sorts. They aren't meeting for the purpose of crafting, but a friend of ours asked us to put something together and make it simple since some of the ladies aren't even crafters.
We basically pre-cut and pre-assembled all the embellishments so that all these lovely ladies have to do is adhere them to the pages. Easy peezy! (Forgive my spelling and the fact that's not even a real word! :)

 photo c4bf2921-afda-41aa-8d7a-33eb1d2156ee_zps73dc9248.jpg

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Big Reveal

The moment we've all been waiting for is upon us. I include us in this because, just like you, we have been impatiently and anxiously on pins and needles for months now.  Without further adieu, Billie and I are proud to present to you our new baby, Rambling Rose!
The Before

It was a long and painful delivery, but we are totally in love! Not only is she beautiful, but she serves a wonderful and exciting purpose. The idea was originally the brainchild of Billie many months ago. She mentioned it to me, and I was totally and completely on board! The idea behind her is this, we are loaded with all kinds of crafting goodies and we bring them to you! If you're having a crafting get together, retreat or just a girls night, we can bring the Craft Coach to you and you can get some inspiration for your next project and purchase the supplies to complete it. We will also have make and takes and be doing classes on the road as well! All you have to do is call us and set up a time and place for us to set up camp.

We have had her for 2 months and have been working on her nonstop since. Every spare moment we had went into her restoration. Every day after work, well into the night and on weekends. We even roped our families into helping. Billie's husband helped us a ton! We couldn't have done it without him, my dad, and with huge sacrifices from our kids. Needless to say, they have not had 100% of our attention over the last two months, but in the end, it will eventually lead to some great things for our family.  In the coming weeks, we will be posting several posts about the restoration process, taking you through our journey. So follow us on Pinterest and on Facebook and you'll be included in on all the fun.

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