Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mini Card Set

Here it is, another Tuesday night and I'm settling down for the night, but I did manage to get a few things done.  A little bit of laundry, a little bit of dishes, and a little bit of crafting.  I've been toying with the idea of starting up an Etsy shop.  I have a few ideas sketched out and a few in my head still.  But here is a little preview of the sort of thing I would like to put in my shop. 

It's a simple set of 6 note cards.  Two each of Thank You, Miss You and Just a note.  I designed it to give to someone as a gift.  Not sure who I'm giving it to yet.  But hopefully they will love it!  I think next time I'm going with a more shabby chic look. 
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Before and After

 I have always been a "re-storer" of sorts.  I can remember at a young age turning my shoe boxes into these fabric covered treasure boxes and taking card board and turning it into rooms for my Barbies.  I sometimes see things and instantly see the potential there.  To be honest, sometimes I see it and yet I can't quite get what I see to come to fruition.  However, more times than not, everything works out fine and my ideas come together nicely. Maybe not exactly how I planned, but still.  Anyhooo, here are a few before and afters that I've compiled over the years. Please forgive the placement of the pics. I am still learning this formatting business.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camren's Room Redo

I've lived in this house for over a year now and haven't touched my youngest daughter's room.  I've been working on one room at a time 1.) so that I don't feel overwhelmed, and 2.) for budgetary reasons. I am a single mom and finances are always a concern. Here are a few before photos.

Pretty unexciting huh? Not nearly enough cuteness for a sassy little girl like my Camren.  So I set out to make it feel more cozy and more "finished".  Hoping that if I am successful, she will spend more time playing in her room then dragging her entire toy arsenal into the rest of the house.  First task on the list, get rid of the popcorn ceiling.  Oh my goodness! This is the second ceiling I've tackled.  The first was my Studio. I hand scraped the entire thing with a 4 inch scraper. Not fun! It took me about two hours, but I felt the affects of it for a week! So on my next trip to Lowe's I discovered they have a scraper designed for such a task. It was about $18 so I snatched that baby up.  Well, I can tell you it was a waste of my money.  It was too difficult to get the scraper at the right angle to scrape effectively and in a timely manner.  So I opted for my handy dandy 4 inch scraper and it worked like a charm. Now mind you, it was still a ton of hard, dusty and tiring work.  Thank goodness my sister and my niece were here to help me! My family is the best I tell you!
    My daughter's favorite color is orange. What?!?!? Yes, orange! I wasn't about to paint her walls orange, but I did try to work it into the space in small doses.  I chose a light green color from Valspar called plum passion.  I maybe should have chosen a shade lighter, but I'm still happy with it!
My inspiration for the entire room was based off of a banner I made for her birthday a couple months ago with the plan of using it in her room when I got around to redecorating it.

I headed to one of my favorite places, Cabbage Rose, and found this fabric that had every color I was planning on using and fell in love! Sidebar, (if you love fabric and live anywhere near Ft. Worth, then you have to check this place out. They have an amazing selection of beautiful and high quality fabric.) Actually, I have to give credit where credit is due and say, my sister Billie is the one that spotted it before me. It was perfect! It's a great mix of paisley, swirls and flowers!
Not sure if this "entertainment center"will stay forever, but it will do for now
My mom made the curtains and also added the orange ribbon to an existing bed ruffle that I had in the room before.  The quilt is also something I already had. It was on my bed before so now I get to find a new one for my room. Maybe something a bit more sophisticated. I still need some pictures or art for one wall and some hooks for the adorable bags my mom helped me make for her to collect her toys in for the opposite wall.  I will add pics of those after I find the hooks. I also want to add molding to the bookshelves and switching out the awful bifold doors for nice six panel ones as well as her bedroom door.  I can't stand the cheap, brown hollow core doors I have now. 
Camren loved her room and apparently my theory is working because she's spending more time in there already! 
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