Sunday, August 5, 2012

Before and After

 I have always been a "re-storer" of sorts.  I can remember at a young age turning my shoe boxes into these fabric covered treasure boxes and taking card board and turning it into rooms for my Barbies.  I sometimes see things and instantly see the potential there.  To be honest, sometimes I see it and yet I can't quite get what I see to come to fruition.  However, more times than not, everything works out fine and my ideas come together nicely. Maybe not exactly how I planned, but still.  Anyhooo, here are a few before and afters that I've compiled over the years. Please forgive the placement of the pics. I am still learning this formatting business.

 photo c4bf2921-afda-41aa-8d7a-33eb1d2156ee_zps73dc9248.jpg

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