Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Studio

This table I also refinished. Post to follow on this soon!
Here is just a glimpse into my "studio".  Otherwise known as my extra bedroom in my ever so humble home. First off, let me apologize for the pictures. I don't have a fancy camera yet so my picture taking abilities will hopefully improve.
I spend almost as much time organizing and rearranging things in this room as I do actually being creative in what I like to think is a very warm, inviting, and inspiring space. A lot of the things in this room I have had the pleasure of creating or at the very least helping create.  The bulletin board is a mixture of a thrift store find and a bit of sheet metal.

I bought the frame for $5 at my local thrift store and it was a lovely shade of seventies gold, which I of course spray painted white.  Spray paint is my friend! One of the best inventions ever and they just keep improving on it. I wanted a magnet board and didn't want it to be boring white board so I bought a piece of sheet metal at my local Lowes and sprayed it with some spray adhesive and covered it with fabric.  I also made the magnets with some fabric covered buttons and added magnets to the back.
The closet I added shelves to, to hold all my goodies
My typical office chair made not so typical with the aid of my sewing genius of a mom.  I'm still learning on the sewing machine so she so generously aided me in my plight to make an ugly gray chair into a beauty. Thanks Mom!

These racks are simply cafe rods I hung on the wall to house all my rolls of ribbon and trim. I also used them across the room by my bulletin board to hang my packaged embellishments. I found this idea on pinterest and I have loved the easy access to all of that "stuff" instead of having to dig through a basket to find the right one. 

I just finished this garland a few days ago with all the scraps from the chair, the lamp, and the curtains, with a few coordinating ribbons thrown in there.  The curtains were also made with the help of my Mom. I had been eying striped curtains on pinterest as well and attempted to paint stripes on a pair and failed miserably. So I opted for cutting stripes out of fabric and sewing them on top of existing curtains that I scored on clearance at Wally world. 

All in all I am pleased with how it's turned out and it always makes me smile when I walk into it.  I plan on posting more pics in the coming weeks of some of the projects that went into this space.
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  1. This is such cheery and functional space! I hadn't seen the cafe' rod idea on pinterest... hmmm, I wonder if I could fit one in my craft closet...?