Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ink Pad Storage

I've been looking for a way to store my ink pads because the storage options for them are few and far between, and are pretty expensive. Most costing around $50 and up. Ridiculous if you ask me.  I've had them in a small cassette holder that was given to me years ago.  I knew I wanted another one, only bigger. Unfortunately, I was having a bit of trouble finding a wood one. Most of them were plastic and let's be honest, that just wouldn't work for me. Then I stumbled across this at an antique store for a whopping $5! I felt like I was stealing it at that price.

A few coats of primer and a few coats of spray paint and you get this

I added new molding around the frame, which I can proudly say, I cut myself with the miter saw and actually got it right without making a bunch of wrong cuts.  The molding my sister had lying around and the spray paint was left over from the hutch, so basically I got a "new to me" ink pad holder for around $5! Now, I will say that some of the ink pads are a snug fit, but I still think it's pretty great! I just need more ink to fill it up!

 photo c4bf2921-afda-41aa-8d7a-33eb1d2156ee_zps73dc9248.jpg

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