Thursday, December 13, 2012

Light In My Heart

Whew! I've finally wrapped up all my craft show appearances and my workshops completed, so I could get back to my own Christmas decorating.This time of year has been a little bittersweet for me for a while now. It brought about thoughts of missed loved ones and unfortunate events that coincided with the season. It's put a damper on my holiday spirit. I'm not sure why the dark veil has been lifted except maybe years of prayer and acceptance for who and where I am. I'm happy to see that side of me gone! No, I AM OVERJOYED! 
I am finally starting to feel like a kid at Christmas again!
Thankful to be enjoying all that comes along with the holiday season, including trying to make my home a wonderland. So much so that my teenage daughter has said I'm going a bit overboard! I know, I was shocked to hear that as well. No such thing as going overboard when it comes to Christmas decorating! So I plundered on and can't seem to stop! My latest addition was this arrangement I made for my front porch.

Of course as do most of my projects, it's final purpose was not my initial intention. I originally wanted this galvanized bucket as a base for my Christmas tree, but silly me didn't measure my stand so it didn't fit. I was also so excited to implement my plan that I didn't bother keeping up with my receipt, so I couldn't return it.
My porch was looking a bit boring so I thought why not attempt my first arrangement. I didn't buy nearly enough greenery so I had to improvise due to the fact I was impatient and anxious to see the finished product. I remembered seeing how florist grid off the top of a vase in order to keep floral arrangements in place, so I grabbed the duct tape and went to work.

Maybe duct tape wasn't the best choice but hey I'm all about using what you've got.

I think it turned out better than I expected and it added just the right touch to my outdoor display and just the right accompaniment to the light I've rekindled in my heart.

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